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Greetings from Tallinn…

This is Tallinn, the capital of Estonia – and also my favorite city….I could give you lots of reasons why I like it so much: it’s old (but perfectly restored) and modern at the same time, it’s stunningly beautiful, clean, very safe, incredibly creative, people are friendly (and they speak Estonian – the most romantic language in the world)… and it has lots of excellent cafés and restaurants.

I hope you’ll like the photos…And let me know how you like the town…












  1. What a colorful place. I can see why you’d like it. One thing I miss about European cities is the alleyways and nooks and crannies, always something a little different around the corner. Looks like Tallinn has no end of those things.

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  2. I loved all the different colors and shapes. I went back and forth looking at each photo. I have a bright green coat like the man’s in the purple shirt and hat. It was funny seeing a familiar color in this strange and beautiful place. I felt a connection. Charming.

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