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Interesting places around Tallinn…

  1. Pakri lighthouse – Estonia’s tallest lighthouse (52m)…DSC04119DSC04134DSC04167
  2. Paldiski, a former Soviet naval base known for its spectacular coastal limestone cliffs
  3. Rocca al Mare, where you can visit the Estonian Open Air Museum. For more info, check the official website:
  4. Viru Raba trail. The board walk is very well-maintained and it offers stunning scenery. DSC05180DSC05185DSC03598DSC03543

  5. Cher Ami restaurant and Keila waterfalls…DSC04411DSC04424DSC04504
  6. Jägala Waterfall – the tallest natural waterfall in Estonia…DSC03902DSC03958


  1. The hurricane is currently to the south and west of the island heading just west of north. It’s a big hurricane, but is slowly weakening as it moves into cooler waters. It’s far enough away that we haven’t had much wind up here on the northern end of the island. On the other hand it has been raining all day and might continue to do so for another 24 hours so there’s been some flooding. Depending on what it does in the next day or two, Oahu or Kauai could possibly bear the brunt of it.

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      • Hurricane Lane kind of petered out west of the Big Island. The wind was never too bad but the island has had, and continues to get, a ton of rain. It’s soggy up here at the northern end, but in the southeast part of the island some places have had almost 45 inches of rain since Wednesday!

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