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Bye-bye Tallinn!

Tallinn may be one of the smallest capitals in the world, but it has a lot to boast. It has a lovely personality and an abundance of places to explore. Here are just some places you will likely want to visit on your trip to this area.

  1. Kadriorg, which is known for its greenery, a marvelous baroque palace and its colourful wooden houses.DSC01598DSC01405
  2. Rotermann City – it has almost as many historically valuable buildings as the Old Town of Tallinn. It’s also a popular shopping area.DSC01797
  3. Telliskivi Creative City – a bohemian place where you’ll find some great bars, restaurants, shops, bookshops…and graffiti!!!DSC01862DSC01856DSC01868DSC01893
  4. Bank of Estonia Museum – definitely worth a visit and the entrance is free of charge!DSC02240DSC02207DSC02198DSC02218
  5. The Old Town …

    6. Beautiful old churches…DSC01773DSC011667. Tallinn is a medieval fairytale town with the nordic charm and some great modern architecture….DSC02247DSC017627. It’s super creative… DSC011578. And there are excellent cafés… If you’re a coffee lover, Tallinn won’t disappoint you! On the contrary…DSC06574 2

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