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Germany is full of surprises. The town of Bamberg in the north of Bavaria is just one of them… Enjoy the photos and let me know how you liked Bamberg.

Altes Rathous (Old Town Hall) … my favorite place in town…

DSC08914You cannot miss this amazing balcony…. (You can also see it in the photo above!)DSC08947 The facade of the Old Town Hall is quite impressive too!DSC08963As you already know, I like details… I always look for details!DSC08970It was a bit cloudy that day, but the terraces were full… There’s a lovely atmosphere in town.DSC08982DSC09000

DSC09018DSC09050DSC09067DSC09127DSC09112Bamberg Cathedral …DSC09130DSC09139This little girl looked like an angel… She walked around the church all by herself!!!DSC09132DSC09170DSC09208This is Neue Residenz – an extraordinary palace, but the guided tours are only in German… For more info, please check their website:


  1. I can see why the old town hall would be a favorite. It’s quite something. Structures built on bridges are almost guaranteed to be interesting in some way. I was curious to see a STOP sign in the town. Is that common in Germany?

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  2. Very beautiful place! I want to go back to Europe. Finally, I start my page. First one is about Japanese traditional festival. Please check it.
    I would try to add the things when I had been in EU countries, separately.

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