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Hello and welcome to my blog! My name is Nataly and I’m a writer, a teacher, a translator and a digital nomad. What’s a digital nomad, you may wonder. It just means that you travel constantly and you use the Internet to earn a living.

How did it all start? My boyfriend and I are VERY fond of travelling and we have visited more than 30 countries in the last 8 years. We were determined to become digital nomads for quite some time, but we just weren’t sure how to turn that dream into reality. We extracted some advice from travel blogs although we had to assemble the more practical advice ourselves.

It was only in September 2015 that we adopted a true digital nomad lifestyle. This is where we’ve lived:

1)Krakow (Poland)

2) Lublin (Poland)

3) Budapest (Hugary)

4) Ponta Delgada (the Azores)

5) Horta (the Azores)

6) Nazaré (Portugal)

7) Wismar (Germany)

8) Poznan (Poland)

9) Jelenia Gora (Poland)

10) Vienna (Austria)

11) Taipei (Taiwan)

12) Granada (Spain)

13) Rijeka (Croatia)

14) Riga (Latvia)

15) Kuressare (Estonia)

16) Tromsø  (Norway)

17) Gdansk (Poland)

18) Torshavn (the Faroe Islands)

19) Trogir (Croatia)

20) Opatija (Croatia)

21) Klagenfurt (Austria)

22) Tartu ( Estonia)

23) Tallinn (Estonia)

24) Nuremberg (Germany)

25) Valverde (El Hierro, the Canaries)

26) El Paso (La Palma, the Canaries)

27) Funchal (Madeira)

28) Angra do Heroismo (Terceira, the Azores)

29) Singapore

30) Kyoto (Japan)

31) Delft (the Netherlands)

32) Alesund (Norway)

33) Vilnius (Lithuania)

34) Kuressare (Estonia) – for the second time

35) Pärnu (Estonia)

36) Vannes (France)

37) Colmar (France)

38) Florence (Italy)

39) Mellieha (Malta)

40) Paphos (Cyprus)

41) Budapest (Hungary)

42) Porto (Portugal)

43) Saumur (France)

44) Amboise (France)

45) Le Blanc (France)

46) Montignac (France)

47) Marennes (Charente Maritime)

48) Chinon

49) Airan (Calvados)

We typically use Airbnb so that we can (more or less) feel at home. There are always some good and some bad surprises, but most of our flats have been really nice and comfortable.

In my opinion, the most difficult thing about digital nomading is to fit all your belongings into a small suitcase and a rucksack. However, I like to believe that life is about being and not having.

It was nice to meet you, too. And please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


  1. Dear Nataly, what an adventure! In the middle of the ocean! I wish you much luck for your nomad life. If you ever come nearby Brussels, let me know! Have a good time, Vera


  2. I am sooo sad and disappointed and fuckin’ shocked we didn’t even see the Chicos yet in your new native country. I’m thinkin’ about calling Interpol or something. Don’t you dare let us wait for them during a long time, you would be in big, big danger.


  3. Hi Nataly,
    A quick word to thank you : you gave me English lessons last year, and thanks to you I’ve obtained a very high mark at the TOEIC exam, which will of course be very useful for my career. But above that, your lessons helped me to improve my English so much that I was able to organize a perfect hen do for my best friend (who, you might remember it, lives in London), with 15 of her English girlfriends (who don’t speak a single word of French.) That was very important for me and for my best friend, we had so much fun all together, and the memories of it will make us happy for so long, that I wanted to share it with you!
    I’m thrilled to discover your blog and to see you’re still able to travel that much!

    PS : You were right, Prague is a beautiful city, I loved it!

    (I hope you’re the Nataly I know and not some random stranger, but the description fit quite well ;))


      • Yes, I know. It is so beautiful. It is located at the Baltic Sea and I made holidays at the island of Ruegen which is near by. And Schwerin is near by which is also a real pearl. Do not miss in summer the castle theatre in Schwerin. And do not miss Ruegen, my favorite German island. And Usedom, another island marvel with great Art Deco archtecture. Mecklenburg-Vorpommern is such a great place to be. In some villages it is as 50 years ago. Time stands still! You will enjoy it. Greetings, keep me posted, please! Sabine


      • I have just googled all these places and they look fab! I can’t wait to discover that region of Germany. I will definitely keep you posted. Thank you so much, Sabine! You are a real inspiration! Cheers, Nataly

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      • Whenever you need further advice let me know. Mecklenburg is a great German Bundesstaat! Go in summer to Ruegen, drive through the old alleys of trees and you will feel like in former times. This feeling you will never experience somewhere else again, believe me … Take care!


  4. Although lot of people share the same fondness towards traveling, it takes a lot of passion and determination to set out doing what you folks are doing. Wish you folks all the best for your travels and experiences !!!


  5. Thank you so much! There are always good and bad surprises (like Skype, which is not working here in Germany) but traveling is definitely fun! After all, we only have one life…


  6. Sorry – my computer had some technical difficulties and posted the previous comment itself!

    How fantastic to be a digital nomad! What an adventure! Your lives must be constantly exciting and rewarding in equal measures. Good luck to you both! Love your wonderful pictures 🙂


    • Thank you so much! Yes, it’s definitely fun. But sometimes a bit stressful when it comes to taxes, administration etc. I guess you can’t have everything. In any case, we love digital nomading and it would be hard to settle down somewhere. Take care and have fun whatever you do 🙂

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  7. Your life as a digital nomad sounds fantastic, and I love the concept. I’m certain I couldn’t travel the world with one suitcase and a rucksack, but it does sound very freeing, and I agree that being is more important than having.

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