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Category: Faial in the Azores

Lizards in Horta

Lizards are exquisite creatures. They can be a bit shy at the beginning but once they realize that you are a friend, they’ll stay and observe you just like we humans […]

Capelinhos on Faial

This is the westernmost part of Europe, which is situated on the island of Faial. The eruption of Capelinhos took place in 1957 and it lasted for 13 months. While the eruption […]

A typical day in Horta

It is so inviting to go for a walk in Horta. There’s the ocean, there’s nature, there are many cute houses and the colorful marina of course. There’s always something […]

Horta on the island of Faial

This small plane brought us to Horta on the island of Faial, which is one of the nine islands  that form the Azores archipelago. I haven’t seen much of it […]