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Category: São Miguel in the Azores

Floating towns

Floating towns – this is how I refer to these massive cruise ships. They usually arrive early in the morning and leave at the sunset. And whenever they arrive, the town of Ponta […]

Caldeiras da Lagoa das Furnas

The caldeiras on the edge of Furnas Lake are a must if you are visiting the Azores. It’s pretty impressive!  And there’s a strong smell of sulphur. I haven’t done […]


The weather has been really good recently. We haven’t had any rain for a week, which is quite extraordinary in the Azores. So whenever we are free, we just go […]

The Pavements in Ponta Delgada

When you walk around Ponta Delgada, you should always look down.  There are drawings of pineapples, flowers, sailing boats, crabs… What a brilliant idea!  

Ribeira Grande

It was a nice, warm, sunny day so we decided to head off to Ribeira Grande which is situated about 20km northeast of Ponta Delgada. Although the Azoreans love cars […]

My type of “furniture”

Are you looking for an original sofa or perhaps a couple of eco-friendly armchairs? I know a good place for you. I’m not sure about the comfort though…. Just come […]