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Tag: Azores

Hiking on Pico

It was a perfect day for hiking so we went to the island of Pico. The volcano was wearing one of its funny hats. This was a stunning path but […]

Velas on São Jorge

If you let me talk about the Azores, I just won’t stop. And I especially won’t stop repeating that they are stunning, gorgeous, fantastic…. The town of Velas ranks high […]

Fajã da Caldeira do Santo Cristo

São Jorge in the Azores is the island of fajãs. The fajãs are small plains originally created by lava or landslides and there are over 40 on São Jorge. We visited the Fajã da Caldeira do […]

Bye bye Horta and Faial

It’s time to move on…. so bye bye Horta. I’ll miss you! But if I ever had to put down roots someplace, I would definitely want to come and live […]

This is how lizards mate…

Ok, I surprised them but they especially surprised me. So, this is how lizards mate… They almost look like humans. I just couldn’t believe it! They were so passionate…

Pics of Pico

Pico is always a sight to behold. No matter how often you see it, the thrill never fades. It was particularly visible today, which is quite a rarity. In the evening, […]

The Caldeira do Faial in the Azores

This is one of the island’s majors attractions to visit – the impressive Caldeira do Faial. The Caldeira is the vast crater of an extinct volcano from which the island […]

The Regina Maris arrives in Horta

Another Dutch schooner arrived in Horta on Saturday afternoon. Several locals hurried to welcome the newcomer. Pico (the volcano) was a bit shy though and it decided to hide behind the […]