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Tag: food

Central Market in Riga

I like markets. Except if there are too many pigeons. Then I try to avoid them. But the Central Market in Riga is safe in that sense. It’s neat, well-organised […]

Food in Taiwan

In Taiwan, there’s food to suit everyone’s taste. Here are some pics to give you an idea of the Taiwanese cuisine… We really liked this concept – a little train […]

Greetings from Taiwan

We flew to Taipei from Amsterdam. It was a direct flight and it took about 12h. It was 6°C when we left Holland and 32°C when we arrived in Taipei. […]

Perła Zachodu in Siedlęcin

Perła Zachodu (meaning: the Pearl of the West) is a traditional Polish inn overlooking the Lake Modry. You can reach it on foot from the center of Jelenia Gora. All you need to […]


The list is long but I’ll give you a few examples: Croatia has Dubrovnik, Czech Republic has Znojmo, Estonia for instance has Tallinn… while Portugal has Óbidos. The town remains a well-preserved […]