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Tag: what to do in Portugal


Leiria used to be one of Portugal’s most important towns, but these days, life in Leiria is calm. The old town is focused on the Praça Rodrigues Lobo, with many […]


The list is long but I’ll give you a few examples: Croatia has Dubrovnik, Czech Republic has Znojmo, Estonia for instance has Tallinn… while Portugal has Óbidos. The town remains a well-preserved […]

Peniche in Portugal

First of all, I would like to tell you that I’m really not happy with my pics this time. I was even wondering whether I should publish this post. This […]


Coimbra is one of those towns where you feel good. It’s neither too big nor too small, there’s culture, there are nice cafés and restaurants, people are friendly….and there is seemingly […]

The Monastery of Batalha

  I like Nazaré for many reasons but I also like it because from here you can go to many other places.  There are some interesting towns around, there is nature…. and there […]